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Paper writing is an art of putting down a coherent argument of a specific subject. It follows a specific structure that starts with the introduction, body and conclusion. In the introduction the paper highlights the problem to be discussed upon or be solved. For instance, a paper may introduce the effects of alcoholism in the society. The introduction captures the specifics of the problem. The body encompasses the further elucidation of the problem. In our case, the body will capture the essence of alcoholism, the possible reasons of alcoholism and the effects of alcoholism in the society. A writer may decide to give different cases to support his or her argument. The body also shows the statistics of the cases in the society. These statistics are used to support or to disapprove the problem highlighted in the introduction. Also the body may include difference literature that have been written for or against the stated problem. The body is usually larger in size than other parts of the paper. All possible points to support or refute the problem must be included in the body coherently. In the conclusion the paper, summarizes all the point expounded on the body and gives the possible solution. The writer makes sure not to introduce any new idea in the conclusion because that will break the structure of the paper. Generally, in the conclusion paragraph the paper may support the introduction or refute it. The conclusion may be smaller than the rest of the paper structure.

Custom essay writing is one area of academic writing that many writers find challenging. Although most writers are graduates in their respective areas of specialization, many lack the essential skills of accomplished paper writing experts. In the course of my writing career over the years, I’ve met may self-proclaimed “expert writers” who despite their “expertise” fail to comply with academic rules. For example, many do not acknowledge outside sources whenever they quote or paraphrase them, which is an intellectual misconduct in academic writing. This weakness is a big letdown to companies that hire freelance writers to provide essay writing services to their clients. Indeed, plagiarism is the worst academic misconduct that college students can commit, and it can result in suspension or expulsion from college. In this regard, it is crucial for writing companies to thoroughly screen applicants to choose writers who can deliver quality work. By subjecting potential employees to rigorous testing such as requiring them to complete a timed exam, companies can determine those best suited for the job. For example, English essay writing skills is very important because some writers are not native speakers of the language. Thus, testing becomes necessary to weed out the ill-equipped from the best.

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