We offer advertising solutions to trucks and 4×4 manufacture and shops!

Facebook page showcase / LIKES campaigns – contests

LIKE campaigns and contest promoting available for 7 and 10 day plans (or longer based on predetermined time frame).  We additionally offer “Featured Shops” for a one time fee, where we make an album of your shop and or showroom that will stay on our FB page for years for an additional one time fee. Having a contest or promo “pinned” to the top is available for an additional fee as well.


Website banner space on website

We can link the banner to either your Facebook or website, we recommend FB as you can make more “impressions” on your targeted audience once they “LIKE” your page.  We can even assist in a “basic” banner design if you don’t have the means or a graphic designer in house.  Having a vehicle with your company name on our rotating slide show on the home page is also available for an extra fee.  Banners subscription rates are available for 6 or 12 month or longer if discussed ahead of time.


Supporting  Vendors on our online forums

If you decide to become a supporting vendor you will have your own sub forum on our main forums where you can showcase your products or builds, advertise your products/specials/close outs etc.  You can not go into other forum area to solicit business but you can suggest a product or modification if it’s relative to the thread topic. One of the biggest bonus’s is you will be allowed to have a link to your facebook or website as part as your signature.  Companies or shops who register on our forums who are not supporting vendors will not be allowed to have links to their pages or solicit business on any of the forums.  Forum sponsorship is offered at 6 or 12 month subscriptions.


Apparel “LOGO” space

Although nobody can click a t-shirt or garment and be taken to your FB page, apparel advertising becomes VERY cost effective long term. The average person keep’s a quality garment up to 5 years or longer. Everytime they wear it think of all the people who see it!



If you would like to purchase advertising with Lifted Trucks USA,LLC. please e-mail us at the link below.



We started an advertising campaign for this company on November 19th, LTUSA’s social media marketing offers near instant results!

*We reserve the right to end any promotion early or cancel a renewal / extension if we find content or media inappropriate or a conflict of interest with either us or another promotion already running. In such an event a prorated refund will be issued based on the remaining time frame and or cost of the renewal  extension.  However if the conflict of interest is the customer promoting another truck community page or website or is advertising another companies page on theirs, there will be no refund as this is stealing ad revenue from us.


Contact us via e-mail at  (do not e-mail us truck pictures)